Do YOU Want Access To A Global Network Of Thought Leaders?

AND the Next Steps for your

Online Business?

The top Leaders around the globe no longer use insecure message apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, because these are only serving the Facebook commercial model. Instead, they, like me, have moved to the new world of voice messaging, which brings back the human element and is an ideal fit with the Empathy Economy.

There are a number of things happening to change everything we all do online which is one of the reasons I founded the Empathy Economy, one of these is Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is shifting what we do online from communicating via texts and messages, in essence the written word, to voice. As an app it aims to support that human connection and gets us all discussing subjects that matter to us as humans. It works in a very different way though and you will need to build up an understanding of the platform to use it for your business.

Are you ready to connect to a curated network of influencers across the world? Then I will need some details from you to support you on your Clubhouse journey. 

Jacqui Taylor

YES! Send me your CLUBHOUSE TOP 10 TIPS, and add me to add me to Dr Jacqui’s News and Waitlist for the Empathy Economy:

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